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Bolaveau Group is a design group dedicated to re-envisioning living spaces to their fullest potential.

The Route chosen:

Two Week Website

Two Week Website is a service designed for startups who need a website done quickly and affordably

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The Details


What They Needed

After going through our One Week Branding process, Daniel and Matt needed a website created that showcased who they are and what they have to offer. The biggest challenge they faced was not knowing how to design and build a website themselves. They did not want to utilize a DIY web builder because they didn't want to seem unprofessional in their appearance. They need their website to match the elegance of their brand.


The Process

Daniel and Matt viewed our different Two Week Website templates and decided to utilize our Pretty Sunny template. We then took the template and customized the colors, images, logos, etc. to match their brand and aesthetic.

When we presented the finished product, they were ecstatic at what they saw. They had a few minor changes that they wanted to see, but overall they were excited to get their site pushed out live.

Once we got the final approval from Daniel and Matt, we took their site through our extensive Quality Assurance checklist and pushed it live.


The Results

Daniel and Matt love their website. They are so excited to have an online space they can send potential clients to so they can see the work they've done for other clients. They are currently enrolled in a Monthly Website Maintenance package with us. This package comes with backend maintenance of their site, access to a live website performance dashboard, free dedicated time to make any changes to their site, and much more!

Check out their site:


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