Two Week Website

Semi-Custom Web Design Done In 2 Weeks

Two Week Website is a semi-custom web design solution designed for startups who want to impress their customers with an elegant and impactful website

What Comes With Two Week Website

Storybrand Website Template

StoryBrand has a tested and proven framework for building websites that convert. Each template is designed using the StoryBrand Framework.

Essential Web Pages

Each Two Week Website Template comes with 6 Pages of your choice // Privacy Policy // Cookie Policy // Terms & Conditions

COpywriting Guide

No more staring at a blank page and not knowing what to write. We provide you with a whole Notion Workbook that will help you write your copy for each page of your website.

Website Workshop

The Two Week Website Workshop is where we will teach you the principles behind a website that converts. We will also go through your chosen Two Week Website template to review all the pages.

Photo Curation

A picture can tell thousands of words. We understand the power that images have and we will curate photos that emphasize your image.

One Refinement Round

We want to make sure that your website looks the way you want it to. Each Two Week Website template comes with one refinement round ZOOM call so we can talk through the exact refinements you are looking for.

QA & Domain Assistance

We take every single Two Week Website through our extensive QA checklist to ensure that everything is working properly for launch day. We also give you guidance through purchasing a domain. Don't worry, after you purchase the domain, we handle connecting everything.

Access To The

A lot of other website developers will build a site for you and then be in full control of your site. We give you more control of your website with Two Week Website by giving you access to the Editor. No more need to get developers involved for small changes.


The BOnuses

(yes, of courses there are bonuses)

Bonus 01

Extra Sections & CMS Collections

Do you feel you need an image gallery on your site? Or maybe a pricing section? With Two Week Website, we give you extra sections/CMS Collections that can be added to the project.

Bonus 02

IG Links Page

Wouldn't it be great if clicking the link in your Instagram bio showed every single offer you had? Each Two Week Website template comes with a branded IG Links page to showcase all of your offerings.

Bonus 03

Tutorial Videos

For business owners who prefer to have more control of their sites, we've got you covered. Every Two Week Website comes with custom tutorial videos. We will be showing you how to navigate and make changes to your site through tutorial videos so you can be in more control of your site.

BOnus 04

One Month of Hosting Free

Websites must be hosted in order for them to be live and accessible to users across the internet. Two Week Website comes with one month of hosting on us!

Here's How YOu Can GEt a Semi-Custom Web Design In Two Weeks:

Let’s Huddle Up

Fill out our short inquiry form and we’ll set up a time to talk through your goals for your business and how Two Week Website can help you

Choose A website template

After our call, we'll send you our library of website templates for you to choose from. We'll then take your chosen template and customize it to you.

Launch your wesite in two weeks

With your chosen website template customized to you and your brand, you'll be ready to push it live in just two weeks (hence the name - Two Week Website)

Are You Ready To Bring Your semi-custom web design dream To Life?

Here’s the truth

We want to partner with you and create not just any type of semi-custom web design. We want to help you create:

A website that impresses everyone who sees it.

A website that places you above your competition.

But most importantly, a website that you are proud of.

Are you ready to get started?

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