Modern Logo Design Done In Just One Week

One Week Branding is a 7 day branding service designed for startups who want a quick and affordable modern logo design for their business.

A Quick Logo Design Solution

An Affordable Logo Design Solution

An Elegant Logo Design Solution

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Modern Logo Design Example for One Week Branding
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Why Are Modern Logo Design Services So Inconvenient?

We’re right there with you. As a startup, you’re not looking for over the top logo design solutions. You just want a quick solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We get your frustration. And we also did something about it.  At 72 Huddle, we’re all about creating solutions that help you get your business into victory formation. One Week Branding is the modern logo design solution you’ve been looking for.

What Do You Get With One Week Branding?

Everything You Need For Your Logo

We give you 4 different logo variations and give you those logos in every color of your color palette. This allows your logo to look good no matter where you use it. 

A Brand Guidelines

How do you use your new modern logo design in the wild? Great question! We create a Brand Guidelines to help guide you as you share the hell out of your logo.

1 Revision Round

Your logo is a direct reflection of you. It’s gotta be perfect. One Week Branding comes with 1 revision round to ensure it’s everything you want it to be.

All The Bonuses

Do you like free bonuses? Of course you do. We’ve included $1,700+ worth of bonuses with One Week Branding. View the details on all of them below.

OKay, But WHat are all THe Bonuses?

File Format Guide

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving your finalized brand files and not understanding what the difference is between JPEG & PNG. Or what's a vector file and when should you use it? Don't even get us started on raster files. We’ve put together a File Format Guide that will help you understand what each file type is and whether it should be used for Web or Print.

Mockups For Launch

It can be a little difficult to showcase your entire new brand elegantly. Plus, who the hell has time to think about how to do that? Thankfully, we do. Once you’ve given final approval of your new brand, we will create mockups of your different brand elements for you to use for your brand launch.

Launch Strategy Guide

You finally have your elegant new branding. Should you throw up all of the brand elements and logos on your Instagram? Not yet, you eager beaver. You should probably have some sort of launch strategy that gives you actionable steps you can take before officially launching your new brand on Instagram. Wonder where you can get one of those? Hint: Right here.

Resource Center

You need to get flyers printed for an event, but you don’t have time to research through thousands of local and national printers. Or, you have a team, and you would love to centralize all communication into one place so that Johnny can stop saying, “I never got the email…”. We can help with these things. We have put together a Resource Center that contains different companies and softwares to help support your small business.

Mood Photo Folder

Moods aren’t just for hormonal teenagers or dad’s on NFL Sunday. Moods are very much a part of the types of images you use. When we deliver your final brand assets, we will include a folder with photos that match the mood we suggest you go with. This can be a great jumpstart for you when planning your social, website, print materials, etc.

When Branding Met Copy Guide

Branding is more than just logos, images, and color palettes. The words you use, and the voice behind the words, are all a part of branding. We’ve put together a guide that will help you write words that provoke action. You will learn a proven formula for writing copy that sells. Remember this; customers don’t buy because something looks pretty. They buy because they read words that told them to.

ONE WEEK Branding

A 7 day professional semi-custom branding service designed to give you an elegant professional brand that doesn’t break the bank.

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The Deliverables:
Master, Primary, Secondary Logo, Brand Mark, and Tagline Logo
Logos in Every Color of Your Color Palette
Brand Guidelines
Favicon & Webclip
1 Revision Round
Plus the following BONUSES:
File Format Guide
Mockups for Launch
Launch Strategy Guide
Resource Center
Mood Photo Folder
Where Branding Meets Copy
One Payment of
Or Setup a payment plan through our buy now, pay later options

THe Pre-made Brands

Click on one of the pre-made brands to see each of the brand elements you receive as well as purchasing options

Your Modern Logo Design Is Only 7 Days Away

Getting an elegant and professional logo has never been easier. Here’s how it works:

Choose A Pre-Made Logo

We have a diverse collection of pre-made logos for you to choose from. We only sell 4 customizations of each logo so that it still remains unique to you.

Answer Our Brand Questionnaire

Before we start customizing your selected pre-made logo, you will need to fill out our Brand Questionnaire. This will help us create the exact logo you are looking for.

We Customize Your Selected Pre-Made Logo

Once we receive the completed questionnaire from you, your One Week Branding project will begin. We will use your submitted questionnaire to guide us as we customize your selected pre-made logo.

We Deliver Your Final Brand Assets

Upon written approval from you that the logo is exactly what you want, we will finalize all the logo assets. Once they are finalized, we will upload them into your Client Portal where you will have 24/7 access to them.

One Week Branding was an incredibly smooth experience! As a startup, there are so many uncertainties, especially with branding, and having Mikayla and Doug on our side definitely took a huge weight off our shoulders. Not only did they make the process easy, but the results were stunning!

Daniel & Matthew, Founders of Bolaveau Group

View the Case Study Here
Bolaveau Group Moodboard
Bolaveau Group Logo Example

A’s To All Your One Week Branding Q’s

Why wouldn’t I just DIY my logo?

You could DIY your logo. There are many tools out there such as Canva that allow you to feel like a designer. The problem is when you DIY your logo with Canva you sacrifice standing out from others. Everyone on Canva has access to the same assets as you. Not to mention the fact that DIY logos created in Canva are owned by Canva. If none of these things matter to you, then we strongly recommend to DIY your logo.

Will I see a return on my investment?

We can’t guarantee results or a return on investment. There are many variables that go into seeing ROI’s for your business (your offer, your sales skills, implementing your branding correctly, etc.) All we can say is, research has shown that investing in professional branding can lead to a 23% increase in revenue. That could be a game changer for some businesses.

I can get this for free with a free logo maker. Why should I pay for this?

You could use a free logo maker. It definitely is more cost-effective than this. We only recommend One Week Branding to those who want to elevate their brand with elegant branding. If that’s not what you are looking for, then this service may not be for you.

If it only takes you a week, will it actually be high quality?

In most cases, quality can be sacrificed for quickness. One Week Branding doesn’t fit that case though. We have worked hard on creating a high quality system that allows us to output high quality branding. We believe that you should be able to have your cake and eat it too. One Week Branding lets you do that.

How fast can I expect to get my assets?

When you purchase a One Week Branding pre-made brand, you can expect to get your final assets in 7 days after your brand questionnaire is submitted to us.

What comes in a refinement round? What if I need more than 1?

In your refinement round, you will be able to make small color tweaks or change text in the brand name, tagline, established date, etc. Our One Week Branding service comes with 1 round of refinement. If you feel you need additional rounds of refinements, they will be billed/tracked at $100/hour. But real talk, most customers only need one round of refinement since they are only making minor refinements.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Who doesn’t love a payment plan? They make buying things a hell of a lot easier. We offer a 3 month payment plan for One Week Branding. You pay 3 equal payments of $297. Simple as that.

I’m just starting out, is One Week Branding good for someone who isn’t well established yet?

One Week Branding is perfect for someone just starting out. It is an affordable, professional branding solution that will allow you to come out of the gates flying. While other startups are launching with DIY logos that look like DIY logos (you know exactly what we’re talking about), you’ll be launching with a professional brand that stands out.

Do I need to have anything prepared for our first meeting?

On our first call together all you need to bring is your passion for your business. The call will be 30 minutes long and on it we will introduce ourselves and talk about you and your business. 

Why should small businesses use digital marketing?

Digital marketing is essential for small businesses because it helps you reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. It levels the playing field, allowing you to compete with larger competitors. Plus, it's measurable, so you can adapt strategies based on real-time data, optimizing your chances of success.

How is traditional marketing different from digital marketing?

Traditional marketing involves more "old-school" methods like print ads, billboards, direct mail, TV, and radio spots. It's primarily offline and is all about casting a wide net to reach as many people as possible.

On the other hand, digital marketing is all about connecting with your audience online. It includes tactics like SEO and content marketing. Its magic lies in its ability to target specific audiences and measure results in real time. This way, it's easier to see what's working, tweak what isn't, and get the best bang for your marketing buck. Plus, it lets you engage with your audience in ways traditional marketing simply can't match.

The DIY Brand Starter Guide

Struggling with the endless scroll of Pinterest? I mean everything looks beautiful on Pinterest! We both know that you can't just pin everything and use everything as inspiration for your brand. So how can you start pinning inspiration for your brand that will actually produce some sense of direction? This guide is how.

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