A 1:1 SEO Coaching Program For Service Based Business Owners

Why Is Doing SEO For Your Business So Paralyzing?

You already know how crucial it is for your business.

Being able to get more eyes on your offer (your target audiences eyes) is the biggest game-changer your business could ever experience. But if you’re being honest - knowing where to start is confusing, right?

How many free (or even paid) webinars, YouTube videos, 2,000+ word SEO blogs  Have you consumed in an attempt to jumpstart your SEO for your business?

Don’t get us wrong. These types of resources are great, but it’s hard to move forward confidently when the SEO support ends as soon as:

The webinar host ends the call

The YouTube video reaches the end

The SEO blog won’t scroll anymore

A yellow circle with an arrow pointing down

The Truth is...

Reason 01
YOu need the Nitty-Gritty Info

Most SEO webinars only provide you with surface level information so you sign up for whatever they’re going to pitch to you at the end of the webinar

Reason 02
Reading Long Blogs put you to sleep

Reading 2,000+ worded blogs on SEO is one of the fastest ways to cure insomnia - let’s be real. Your brain isn’t wired to consume and remember high-level topics like that

Reason 03
You have specific problems you need figured out

YouTube videos are great, but they never speak to the exact problems or questions you have when it comes to your SEO situation.

The reality of doing SEO on your own is this:

Sounds super fun, huh?


Seeing results takes time, but only if you’re doing it right. You’ll only know if you were doing the right things 6 months down the road. Yikes!

Google loves to update its search algorithm regularly with little to no notice
Piecing together Youtube strategies just don't work
It’s extremely time-consuming when you don't know what you're doing

Ironically enough…

Once you get the courage to get off the sidelines and into the SEO game, it’s one of the most thrilling and fulfilling things we can think of.

Nothing beats it.

You get to create content people actually care about.

You get to connect genuinely with your audience.

You get to see the fruits of your labor when you're booking more clients.

You get to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing you worked ON your business, not just in it.

Getting these things for you and your business doesn’t come easy, but damn is it worth it.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned,

anything worth doing is hard.

Which means, you’re going to need…

Someone who knows the things that need to get done to have effective SEO

The right kind of support

Specific SEO strategies for YOUR business

WE got you covered!

We’ve taken that experience, knowledge, and insight, and put together a coaching program designed for 10-15 entrepreneurs who are looking for strategic SEO coaching and high-touch support.

This coaching program is for those who want to move forward with confidence in their SEO journey and avoid the pitfalls of bad SEO practices so they can dominate and outrank their competition online.

The 72Huddle SEO Coaching Program

A 6 Month Customized 1:1 SEO Coaching Program For Business Owners Who Are Ready To Get Off The Sidelines & Into The SEO Game

This coaching program will help you hit your seo goals

Grow your organic traffic

Paid ads are great, but they're also expensive. With our coaching program, we'll show you how to lower ad spend and increase your revenue at the same time.

What does it look like?

Increasing organic traffic to your website by 10%-30% over 6 months.

Improve your local

Local. Market. Domination. That's the goal, right? We'll coach you on how to enhance your online visibility in local searches so you can dominate & control your local market.

What does it look like?

Boosting your local online visibility by optimizing your Google Business Profile and local SEO citations.

Create consistent, optimized content

Creating content on a consistent basis is hard. Making sure that content is optimized for SEO feels damn near impossible. We're putting an end to the content creation woes by coaching you on how to develop and implement a content strategy that aligns with SEO best practices. 

What does it look like?

Publishing 10-15 new SEO-optimized blog posts and repurposing your content across various platforms

Rank higher for your targeted keywords

Each keyword you rank for is an opportunity to bring traffic to your site. The problem is, if you're ranking low (or not at all), you won't see the needle move. We'll coach you on how to improve the ranking of target keywords, helping your pages appear higher in search results.

What does it look like?

Moving from the third page of Google's search engine results page to the first page for your target keywords.

optimize your technical  seo

Technical SEO, aka. the backend structure and build of your website, is a critical component to effective SEO. One of the first things we'll do in the coaching program is run your website through our site audit tool. From there we'll address and coach you on how to resolve the technical SEO issues that might be hindering your site's online performance.

What does it look like?

Fixing technical errors to enhance Google indexing, website speed, and mobile optimization

develop quality backlinks

When a trusted friend recommends something to you, you automatically trust whatever they are recommending. The same is true with websites. Being able to develop quality backlinks from other reputable websites automatically makes search engines trust you. The more trust you build, the more they will serve your site to users.

What does it look like?

Acquiring 5-10 new quality backlinks from relevant and reputable websites.

How The Coaching Program Works:

The 72Huddle SEO Coaching Program is capped at 10 business owners. We’re actively looking for business owners who run a service-based business (ie. real estate, interior designers, web designers, local brick & mortar companies, etc.)

The commitment is a minimum of 6 months. SEO is not an overnight solution and it takes time to see any real progress. We hope that once inside, you see the value in the content, and coaching and choose to continue for years to come!

If a 6-month commitment feels too much for you, there are plenty of other programs with shorter and easier commitments. In our coaching program, we are giving 100% to you and your success, and we expect that kind of commitment back!

When we are both giving 100%, it’s absolute magic the growth and success you will see.

The 72Huddle SEO Coaching Program is built on three pillars

Pillar 01

Action-Oriented Coaching

Our coaching program is supported with comprehensive & action-oriented search engine optimization content. 

Throughout the year, any new additional training and workshops are stored in your Client Portal that will be created once you join the program.

The current curriculum includes:

SEO Foundations

Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

Content Strategy 

Technical SEO

Off-Page SEO


Local SEO

Measure Performance

With our action-oriented coaching style, we will help you adopt a Small Wins Approach mindset. SEO is a massive thing to take on. 

We will coach you through everything by breaking things down into manageable & actionable steps for continuous improvement.

Pillar 02

High Touch Support

In our SEO Coaching Program, we provide you with several high-touch support options that will help you move forward confidently with your SEO efforts.

Daily support is offered via Voxer

You can message us at any time, 24/7. Our response time is approximately 24 hours or less during business hours.

SEO Strategy

Content Strategy Ideas

Action Step Questions

Website Strategy

Offer Strategy

Brand Strategy

AI Questions

Funnel Strategy

General Digital Marketing Questions

Weekly support is offered via Zoom

There is usually something going on every week, and we make ourselves available to our coaching clients for enhanced support. We have weekly Office Hours available for 1-on-1 support.

Coaching Calls - Sometimes you find yourself stuck and the only thing that would help you is being able to talk to an expert face-to-face. Our Coaching Call meetings help our coaching clients move forward confidently.

Pillar 03

Weekly Audits

Having an extra set of eyes on your marketing efforts is priceless. In our SEO coaching program, we are those extra sets of eyes for our coaching clients.

You can submit content weekly for us to review and provide feedback.

Having access to these audits has helped our clients confidently move forward with their marketing efforts - bringing them closer to hitting their goals. 

We provide two types of audits:

WEbsite audits

We can review any aspect of your website that you may be adding or wanting to refresh.

Overall Web Pages

Landing Pages

Service Pages

Website Performance

Digital Marketing Audits

We can review other aspects of your marketing and provide strategies and tips to enhance what you're doing.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Graphics

Email Newsletter Review

Postcard/Mailer Critique

Copy Review

Funnel Review

Our Client Roster can tell you what it's like

About Mikayla
A portrait picture of 72Huddle's CEO - Mikayla
Website & branding Expert

Mikayla Luna

CEO, Wife, Mom, Enneagram 1, All Around #BossBabe - these are just a few of the hats Mikayla wears. She’s a lover of charcuterie boards and an all-out baller in strategic board games. She is passionate, determined, and will stop at nothing until the job is done. She is the designer behind the branding and the brains behind the web design and development. Her number one goal is to help businesses craft authentic brands and impactful websites that establish them as the obvious choice. 

About Doug
Portrait picture of 72Huddle's COO - Doug
Copywriting & SEO Expert

DOug Luna

COO, Husband, Dad, Enneagram 2, That Guy Who Laughs At Pretty Much Anything  - these are some of things that Doug brings to the table. A recklessly zealous fan of the Miami Dolphins and a passionate smoker of decadent meats. He is tenacious, loyal, and does whatever it takes to help others succeed. He is the hands and mind behind the words you’ve been reading. His number one goal is to do whatever it takes to help businesses succeed by creating content that draws the right people in. 

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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We offer a 6 month payment plan. We also have options that allow you to set up your own custom payment plan through AfterPay or Klarna.

Who is SEO coaching for?

SEO coaching is perfect for those who love to get into the nitty gritty of the digital marketing side of their business. If you love creating content for your business and need guidance along the way, our SEO coaching is the perfect solution for you!

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

SEO is a long game. There are a lot of factors that can vary the timeline of seeing results, but usually our clients start seeing initial results 3-6 months in. The biggest results happen between 6-12 months. It’s a long game, but when you’re ranking higher on search engines and getting more organic traffic to your site - you’ll see how much it’s worth it.

Next Steps To Get Into Our SEO Coaching Program

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If you’re ready to start seeing a difference in the way your business shows up online compared to your competitors…

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