The Purple Shrimp Branding

The Purple Shrimp

The Purple Shrimp serves up the best damn Cajun cuisine in all of South Florida. If you're in the Palm Beach area and you're craving some good New Orleans-style food, find out where The Purple Shrimp is and get your ass over there. You won't regret it!

The Route chosen:

One Week Branding

A 7 day professional semi-custom branding service designed for startups who need branding to be quick and affordable

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The Details


What They Needed

Cyndi (Owner of The Purple Shrimp) came to us wanting to elevate her branding. The Purple Shrimp has been around for a while and she is a very established business, but she was getting tired of her old branding. The biggest challenge she faced was not having the time or the technical knowledge to create her branding. She needed professional help and that's when she slid into our DM's.


The Process

We took Cyndi through the One Week Branding process. She selected our Thrive Collective pre-made brand and we customized it for her. Before finalizing her brand, we went through one round of refinement to ensure the brand customizations we made resonated with her.

Cyndi loved the brand we presented. She was concerned with the cursive font in the pre-made brand she chose. She was afraid that people weren't going to be able to read what it said. To resolve her concerns we removed the cursive font and she thought the brand was perfect!

Once everything was approved, we finalized all the brand and logo files. We also created a brand guidelines and uploaded everything into our client portal so Cyndi can access her brand files 24/7.


The Results

Cyndi loves her new branding! She loves how luxurious it is and she is so excited to show off her brand all around Palm Beach county. She is eager to get things like business cards and stickers created. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about graphic design.

This is what Cyndi had to say about her One Week Website experience:

"Thank you sooooo much! Thanks a million! I appreciate your very hard work!"


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