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Teakwood Landscaping

Teakwood Landscaping is a high-end landscaping company that partners with high-end homeowners to help them create luxury outdoor spaces. They invested a lot of time and effort into creating their own outdoor space filled with community, reflection, and tranquility. After they completed their outdoor space, they realized how much they wanted to do the same thing for others. This is how Teakwood Landscaping was born.

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The Details


What They Needed

They came to us needing brand strategy, custom branding identity, and brand collateral (business cards, product care cards, product box designs, etc.)

The biggest problem they faced was not having the time to do this all themselves. They have design knowledge, but trying to create a brand and run a business at the same time is stressful.

We were able to provide our branding expertise and create a custom brand that they absolutely loved. We also were able to save them the stressfulness that comes with trying to do your own branding.


The Process

Phase 01: Brand Strategy

In this phase, we discovered exactly what Teakwood Landscaping was looking for when it came to their branding. We did this through our comprehensive brand questionnaire and a strategy meeting.

For their branding, they wanted to highlight their ability to execute luxury outdoor spaces with a very transparent process that is easy for their clients to understand. We knew that the branding needed to be luxury but approachable. High-end but relatable. From this, Teakwood Landscaping’s brand was crafted.

To see a brand strategy example, click here.

Phase 02: Identity Design

In this phase, we designed a concept that was based on the filled out brand questionnaire and our strategy meeting. We took this concept and created a brand proof to present to them in our Brand Reveal Meeting.

To see a brand proof example, click here.

Phase 03: Collateral

In this phase, we created multiple pieces of collateral that Teakwood Landscaping requested. They are constantly trying to network with wealthy homeowners and they wanted to have something they could pass out to clients who may be interested in a luxury outdoor space. They also wanted to have some way of saying thank you/congratulations to their clients after their outdoor space was completed.

We created a business card and a congratulations card. Since their business card is something that will be passed out a lot, we knew it needed to be something that wow-ed people. We went with a nude-colored card and we utilized a UV Spot feature on the custom pattern we created.

For the congratulations card, we kept it very modern and clean. We also came up with three different taglines that could be used on the card depending on the main purpose of the client’s use of the outdoor space.

Phase 04: Delivery

In this phase, we finalized all the design files and we created a brand guidelines. We wanted to make sure Teakwood Landscaping was set up for success when they launched with their new branding.

To see a brand guidelines example, click here.



Teakwood Landscaping is a passion project of ours. We wanted to challenge ourselves and re-imagine a type of company that isn’t always viewed as luxury. In our imaginary world, where Teakwood Landscaping exists, they absolutely crush because of their new branding.


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