Fervenzi Branding


FERVENZI is a luxury leather jacket company that sells premium quality leather jackets and leather accessories. They are in the high fashion scene and what they’ve noticed is that high fashion is often synonymous with brash attitudes and being rude. They are on a mission to serve individuals, not the masses, and help them be their true authentic selves through their jackets and accessories.

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The Details


What They Needed

They came to us needing brand strategy, custom branding identity, and brand collateral (business cards, product care cards, product box designs, etc.). They already had a logo, but lacked a full brand (color palette, patterns, moodboards). The biggest problem they faced was not having the ability to do all this themselves.

We were able to provide our branding expertise and create a custom brand that they absolutely loved. This branding got them featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, VoyageMIA, and Ella.


The Process

Phase 01: Brand Strategy

In this phase, we discovered exactly what FERVENZI was looking for when it came to their branding. We did this through our comprehensive brand questionnaire and a strategy meeting.

For their branding, they wanted to bridge the gap between luxury and authenticity. We strategized a way to accomplish this and that’s when the FERVENZI branding was born.

Phase 02: Identity Design

In this phase, we designed a concept that was based on the filled out brand questionnaire and our strategy meeting. We took this concept and created a brand proof to present to the client in our Brand Reveal Meeting.

Phase 03: Collateral

In this phase, we created multiple pieces of collateral that FERVENZI requested. They are very active in the high fashion scene and they wanted something that they could hand out to connections they have in the fashion industry. They also wanted to create a lux unpackaging experience for their customers.  

We created a business card, product care card, branded product box, custom brand pattern, and branded product tags. Since their business card is something that will be passed out a lot, we knew it needed to be something that stunned people. We went with a black card with the company name printed with gold foil. This elevated the luxury feel of the brand.

For the custom brand pattern, we took their logo, FZ, and manipulated it to create a luxury pattern. They use this pattern primarily with their product tissue paper.

Phase 04: Delivery

In this phase, we finalized all the design files and we created a brand guidelines. We wanted to make sure FERVENZI was set up for success when they launched with their new branding.



FERVENZI absolutely loves their branding and they have been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, VoyageMIA, and ELLA. They most recently opened up their first showroom in LA and have plans to open up more. They also have an on-going partnership with social media mega-influencer Mahlagha.


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