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Eb Stone Realty is a real estate company that believes everyone deserves to move forward with confidence on real estate decisions. They’ve been in real estate for 20+ years and they understand what it feels like to feel confused about real estate. Their mission is to ensure their clients experience an emotionally satisfying real estate transaction.

The Route chosen:

Semi-Custom Website

Semi-custom websites for businesses who are ready to upgrade their website and not break the bank

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The Details


What They Needed

Chris and Melissa, owners of Eb Stone Realty, came to us needing semi-custom website design and development. The biggest challenge they faced was not having the time or ability to create their own website.


The Process

We took Chris and Melissa through our semi-custom website design process. We started by discussing the pages that were necessary for their website (blogs, scheduling page, team members, etc.) We then sent them a curated list of website templates for them to choose from that contained all of the required pages/elements. Once they selected a template, we began the work of customizing the template with their color palette, logo, and copy.

The final product we submitted was exactly what they wanted and they were excited to push their new site live.  


The Results

Chris and Melissa gathered their entire team and showed them the website. The team loved the site and it made them feel confident that Chris and Melissa were going to do whatever it takes to make sure they are successful in the real estate business.

View the website: ebstonerealty.com


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