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The Broward Natives Team is a real estate company that helps make real estate transactions predictable, smooth, and quick. The biggest thing that they’ve noticed in the real estate industry is how stressful it can be for clients that are either selling their homes or buying one. They want to change this by going above and beyond for their clients to ensure they have a smooth real estate experience.

The Route chosen:

Custom Website

Custom website for business owners who want their website to make a statement and outshine their competitors

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The Details


What They Needed

We create The Broward Native Team's custom branding - click here to see it.

They wanted us to create a custom website design as well as develop their website in Weblfow. Their previous site was built in Worpress and they didn't feel like it could grow with them the way they wanted it to. We were able to implement their branding in the website design and ultimately develop a website that could grow with them the way they wanted.


The Process

We took The Broward Natives Team through our custom website design process. We learned what elements they were looking to have on their site, what actions they wanted their users to take on it, and what other websites they wanted us to pull inspiration from.

After gathering all this information, we went to work writing website copy and designing the website. The final product turned out exactly how they envisioned and they were excited to push the site live.


The Results

Since then they have seen more form submissions, are able to see their website analytics easily, and have built custom adds on to their site like a whole MLS Filter System. Check it out here

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