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Broward Natives Team

The Broward Natives Team is a real estate company that helps make real estate transactions predictable, smooth, and quick. The biggest thing that they’ve noticed in the real estate industry is how stressful it can be for clients that are either selling their homes or buying one. They want to change this by going above and beyond for their clients to ensure they have a smooth real estate experience.

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The Details


What They Needed

They came to us needing strategy, custom branding identity, collateral, and website design. The biggest problem they faced was not having the design skill to do it all themselves. They tried outsourcing design projects internationally, but they found themselves not resonating with any of the designs they received.

We were able to come in with our design expertise and give them branding that they love and are proud of. This is what they had to say about it:

“It is above and beyond what we expected. We, as owners, can now proudly stand behind this message and image they created about us.”


The Process

Phase 01: Brand Strategy

In this phase, we discovered exactly what The Broward Natives Team was looking for when it came to their branding. We did this through our comprehensive brand questionnaire and a strategy meeting.

For their branding, they wanted to target both buyers and sellers. It was crucial for us to strategize a way to bring in both types of audiences with the branding.

Phase 02: Identity Design

In this phase, we designed a concept that was based on the filled-out brand questionnaire and our strategy meeting. We took this concept and created a brand proof to present to the client in our Brand Reveal Meeting.

For The Broward Natives Team, we combined the B and the N from their name. By doing this we were able to resemble a modern home. They loved this concept and they were very excited to see it come to life in other elements of their business.

Phase 03: Collateral

In this phase, we created collateral items that The Broward Natives Team requested. The most crucial collateral items were their business card and brochure. They do a lot of Open Houses and networking/community events. They wanted to have something they could pass out to people in case they were looking to buy a home or sell theirs.

The brochure we designed needed to be eye-catching but informative. We created a beautifully designed brochure that highlighted their VIP Buyer Program. They bring these to all of their Open Houses and pass them out. They’ve received numerous leads through the QR code we placed on the brochure.

On their business card, we wanted to highlight the non-profit they partner with. The non-profit is called 4KIDS. They are a foster child program and its mission is to find a home for every child. The Broward Natives Team gives a portion of their sales to 4KIDS to help further the mission of giving every child a home.

Phase 04: Delivery

In this phase, we finalized all the design files and we created a brand guidelines. We wanted to make sure The Broward Natives Team was set up for success when they launched with their new branding.



The Broward Natives Team has been helping buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals. They consistently rank among the Top 10 agents in their office and they acquire raving fans. They have a brand and website that works for them and brings in the exact clients they love working with.


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