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Bolaveau Group

Bolaveau Group is a design group dedicated to re-envisioning living spaces to their fullest potential.

The Route chosen:

One Week Branding

A 7 day professional semi-custom branding service designed for startups who need branding to be quick and affordable

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The Details


What They Needed

Daniel and Matt came to us needing luxury branding for their startup. The biggest challenge they faced was not knowing where to even start when it came to getting their branding done.


The Process

We took Bolaveau Group through the One Week Branding process. They selected our Thrive Collective pre-made brand and we customized it for them. Before finalizing their brand, we went through one round of refinement to ensure the brand customizations we made resonated with them.

Daniel and Matt absolutely loved the brand we presented. Initially, they were concerned about the green accent color in the color palette. They thought it was very different. We talked through the green color choice and we also presented alternative color options. At the end of the day, Daniel and Matt decided to stick with the green accent color because it will help them stand out.

Once everything was approved, we finalized all the brand and logo files. We also created a brand guidelines and uploaded everything into our client portal so they can access their brand files 24/7.


The Results

Daniel and Matt are in love with their new branding. They are so excited to start getting their branding out into the world. Matt has some graphic design experience and the way we packaged their entire brand allowed him to design their business cards, a capabilities deck, and other collateral items.

This is what Daniel and Matt had to say about their One Week Branding experience:

"One Week Branding was an incredibly smooth experience! As a startup, there are so many uncertainties, especially with branding, and having Mikayla and Doug on our side definitely took a huge weight off our shoulders. Not only did they make the process easy, but the results were stunning! Although this was a quick process, it still proved their expertise as well as their helpful guidance. It’s safe to say that we will definitely continue working with them in the future as we continue to grow our branding. This was quite the stepping stone for us and our company, and looking back, we don’t know what we would’ve done without them. A huge thanks from the Bolaveau Group!"


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